Collezionista promotes global citizenship through the study and collecting of contemporary art, offering innovative content, advice to collectors, artists, and institutions. Below you can find out about our services.


Our innovative content is available, as a courtesy, in our Live Debates, occasional open classes, and talks. To those who would like to advance learning, we offer courses of A_ARCA organized per decade. For more information, visit A_ARCA’s page with a sample of the initial content or contact us.


Art consultancy to private collectors, in general, begins with the definition of a brief for the artistic direction, an estimated acquisition budget, and a timeline for execution. In some cases, Collezionista faces the challenge of sourcing specific artworks with a history of institutional exhibitions or from a particular period of the artist.

In order to better serve those looking to buy or sell works of international appeal and high value, Collezionista relies on a worldwide network of partners in the United States, China, the Middle East, and Russia; it also counts on the support of experienced professionals in the areas of finance, law, taxation, and logistics. In these operations, efficiency and discretion are imperative.

For more information, request a catalog of a collection de-accessed by Collezionista or watch the talk delivered to the clients of Sotheby’s about Collecting in the 21st Century.Collezionista’s guide with “Twelve Recommendations for the Development and Preservation of Your Art Collection” is also available upon request.


Coaching of artists and art professionals started in 2013 as a volunteer activity. The excellent results achieved inspired a collector to finance the creation of a methodology to further structure the work with both beginners and established artists.

We address a broad repertoire of topics such as creative process, genealogy mapping, the economy of the studio, pricing, and market strategies. These topics are approached both by means of theoretical material and transference of experience. Schedule your interview to find out about the program.


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Art Consultancy is a confidential activity, but we can disclaim that, in the average project, clients saved circa R$100,000 in their acquisition budget. Supervised artists already made international exhibitions or called the attention of curators of large institutions. Collezionista’s fees are designed to be a fraction of the value created.

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