How an Artist Is Born is a documentary that led us to reflect on a theme that everybody already thought about. Still, almost no one asked: “Why do some people become renowned artists and others who make some beautiful drawings do not?” It seems to be a taboo of sorts as if everyone had to know the answer. But it is not like that; contemporary art requires, from the observer, an experience and a repertoire that not everyone possesses... Read more

What is Humanar? Humanar is an art space dedicated to special projects with an emphasis on social and relational art. What does Humanar mean?Humanar is to humanize, to risk, to make mistakes. Humanar is to live an experience capable of expanding the intimate universe of the participant. Humanar is to introduce air (ar in Portuguese) into humans. ( What is relational art? Relational art is a social experience constructed by an artist. Relational art creates a social moment, an experience, an event where what happens between people sensitizes their creative potential, turning them into coauthors of the experience. Read more


João Correia was invited by ATRAVES to collaborate as a curator of the WAVE of the FUTURE #12 Movement – TODAY, a collaboration which spawned three videos: an initial interview, the recording of a reading of an excerpt of the book Tropic of Cancer, by Henry Miller, and a final interview. ATRAVES is an organic collective of various artistic niches and professions. ATRAVES, throughout its existence, developed projects with hundreds of talents in the most diverse artistic disciplines—installations, mapped projections, street art, painting, sculpture, theatre, dance, exhibitions, movies, and more. Read more

Arts Facilitation London
Arts Facilitation London, previously known as I Know What I Like, is a London-based project dedicated to the production of debates, conversations, and visits to exhibitions of emerging artists. It is a vibrant community that consists of circa one thousand members. The model is based on the importance of meeting art in its context, whether a gallery, a public space, or a studio. The group focuses on contemporary and urban art and visits to artist-led spaces. Read more


Since 2013, João Correia researches the movement of pixação, under the supervision of the pixador, artist, and activist Cripta Djan. Pixação is an aesthetic manifestation of a part of the youth population of the suburbs of Brazil’s big cities. It is a stylization of calligraphy in the public spaces of the city, which often references the denomination of a group of youth or an individual’s nickname. Read more

Desenvolvido por Fábio Lopes