Collezionista Art Consultancy was founded in São Paulo in 2014. It advises private collectors, artists, and institutions, and creates content for courses with the commitment of cultivating local culture in a global context.


Collezionista's mission is to value global citizenship through the study and collection of contemporary art, and research on innovative topics, enabling collectors, artists, and institutions to be constantly present in the modern world.



Collezionista's vision is for a population engaged in collective action towards the realization of its leadership potential on the international stage. It advocates cultural decolonization, insofar as it aims at art freed from its usual environments, while it is guided by the recognition of local identities and global responsibility. To this end, it relies on interdisciplinarity and the meeting of humanities with exact sciences.



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About the founder / Education

___ completed a first-class degree in art history and history at the Open University in London ____ additional training in the history of the art market at the Sotheby’s Institute____ was a member of the President’s Club of the Sandler Institute for four years _____ and currently pursues an Executive Master and MBA degree in Cultural Leadership at the Royal Academy of Arts and Maastricht University ______


About the founder / Bio

Here you will find everything that you need to know about João Correia in fifteen images.


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